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Georgiana Treasure

Yoga Instructor

Georgie has been teaching Kundalini Yoga to everyone from babies in the womb to old souls with dementia for 10 years.


 "Each class was like a shedding of old neuroses, insecurities, self-doubts and self-judgment, all replaced by feelings of love and fearlessness. Everything in my life healed as I did… relationships, my children, eating disorders, my body, social interactions. My path became clear to me and I am blessed to share the light and healing with others now."

Kundalini Yoga is a completely holistic practice, suitable for all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Regular practice increases physical strength, vitality and flexibility, and brings a sense of balance, calm, clarity, self-acceptance and inner peace. And it is great fun!

The blend of movement, breath, guided deep relaxation and meditation energises, releases stress and anxiety, promotes healthy sleep and improves overall health by strengthening the immune, digestive, eliminative, and nervous systems.